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OOC Information;
Name; amelia
Personal Journal; <user name="celesta">
Contact; plurk; charmdi
aim; frigentem
Other Characters;  miki hoshii (<user name="relations"), merrill (<user name="outcast">)

IC Information;
Character Name; Maya Fey
Canon; Ace Attorney series
Canon Point; Post trials and tribulations
Age; 19

House; Sigyn
Power; Healing

When we first meet Maya, it's under some.. extenuating circumstances. She's been accused of murdering her sister, the main character's mentor and boss. During this time, she becomes depressive, sullen, and sad.. confused as to why anyone would think she would want to kill her beloved sister, there seems to be no light, nothing to be happy about.

Of course, until Phoenix Wright decided to take her case. Acquitting her of all charges and getting the true killer a guilty verdict, he proved that it was alright to be optimistic. Maya became happy once again, showing her true colors.. and her true colors are very bright, let me tell you. Maya decided she wanted to help Phoenix, to repay him for everything he did for her.. so she became his 'assistant', so to speak.

Maya is a bit eccentric, and quite bubbly. She's spacey, energetic, and seems to be living in her own little world most of the time, offhandedly making peculiar comments, and getting into arguments about menial things, like the difference between a ladder and a step ladder. She doesn't have a good sense of boundaries, so will often snoop into other people's business. She watches children's tv shows and is really into celebrities. She's unintentionally blunt and easily distracted. Yes, Maya is a child at heart - one who never really grew up. Her main goal in life is to have fun.. and assist Phoenix, of course.

This can cause a few problems. Her lack of responsibility interferes with her personal life - that is, her life as a spirit medium. Maya comes from a long line of spirit mediums, and with no other heir to the title of 'master', she is the next in line. She shirks her training to help Phoenix, even though she knows full well she should be training. Her impulsiveness can get her into a lot of trouble - in every game, she's either accused of murder, kidnapped, or both! She'll act without thinking about the consequences that can and will ensue.

However, Maya can have her moments of maturity, mainly when it comes to her friends and family. She's fiercely protective of them, and wants nothing more than to be of assistance to them. This extends to other people, as well. Most of the time, she's the reason Phoenix takes a case. She basically forces him, as she knows deep in her heart that the defendants did nothing wrong. She's kind, gracious, and generous - even if it doesn't always show. A true loyalist, once you have her trust, it is yours to keep, and she'll always be at your side to protect you no matter what - even if everyone else is against you.

Along with her kind heart, she shows her maturity in how perceptive she is. Able to pick out little details that seem just a bit odd, she proves to be a great help to Phoenix. It's most likely her strange thought process that helps her do this, allowing her to see things from every angle. Either way, she's proven she can hold her own in the courtroom and be a huge boon. She even picked up a few lessons from Phoenix.. she's had to bluff her way out of certain situations, too.

Maya shares an extremely strong bond with Phoenix. They're basically each other's pillars of support. Without confiding in each other, they both would basically be alone. Maya's mom is missing, her sister is dead, her aunt tried to frame her for a murder.. the only one she has other than Phoenix is her cousin, Pearl, and she can't exactly put all her issues on her. She's only 9 after all. As such, Phoenix is the shoulder for her to lean on and cry when she needs it.

This coupled with her naturally sunny attitude makes her a very optimistic person, almost to the point of irrationality. She's confident that all of Phoenix's clients are innocent, even if Phoenix doubts them. Despite this, Maya has a bit of a sad past. As mentioned above, her mother is missing, her sister is dead, she's been accused of murder and kidnapped several times.. She's had a tough life, but she always manages to come out smiling.

Throughout the course of the series, Maya comes to terms with her place in the world, gaining confidence in her abilities as Phoenix's assistant, and, more importantly, as a spirit medium. She matures, and by the end of the third game, learns to accept her responsibility as the master of the kurain technique, and learns that sacrificing a few things is alright. She goes from a childish girl to a mature, wise woman. ... Though, naturally, she still has her kiddish moments. She's the same Maya she always was, after all.

Network Sample;

Log Sample;
Alone. For the first time in a while, Maya was.. alone.

Well, not quite. She was alone in a metaphorical sense, but not a literal one. Dumped in a gray city completely unfamiliar, Nick was nowhere to be found. How did she get here? Had she fallen into a rabbit hole? It was always a viable option, especially when you're Maya Fey. Accidents seemed to be attracted to her like a magnet.

No point in moping, at least. Standing up, Maya looked around for any sort of direction.. maybe something that would call out to her, catch her attention. To be honest, there was nothing. It was all gray. "This place is kinda weird.." She muttered to herself. "Nick always saves me! I have to learn to save myself sometimes!" With a determined face, she sets off in a random direction, not really paying attention to where she was going. Hopefully it would lead to an exit..

Wait. What was that? That.. unique odor? It could only be.. "Food?!" Food! I smelled.. odd, to say the least, but now that she was thinking about it, she really was hungry. Starving, even. Running to the source of the smell, she found herself in an oddly laid out restaurant. She sat and ordered the house special (considering she had no idea what anything else was), and, once it was brought out, began to dig in. "It's no burger, but it's still pretty good!" Maybe it wouldn't be so bad here, after all. Where there's food, there's a way. That's what she always said.


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